A multi disciplined artist using both CGI and Photography to create brand selling images. 

An experienced photographer working in editorial and advertising for 18 years, I can now bring my photographic knowledge to the world of 3D giving the client two different avenues for content creation.



Get in Touch. 

Pop your details and message just here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Then we can figure out the best route to take for creating your images.

Alternatively you can contact Jessica at jessica@btstalent.com for all large production bookings.

Happy to hear from you!

Where am I?

You can find me down in Greenwich/woolwich South East London at Thames Side Studios.

Thames Side Studios is a huge studio complex for all artists from photographers and 3D artists like me, to painters, sculptures, screen printers, furniture makers and many more. 

Please don't send any post to the studio.

Update: As of September 1st 2022 I will be relocating to HL Darkroom in Rochester, Kent.

So what is CGI?

Computer Generated Imagery is simply the process of making images with only a computer. I will model the product, build the scene, texture and render out photo realistic images for you to use in the same way you would pictures from a camera.



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