Rediscovering old work and competition analytics.

Sadly no British Photography award for me but never mind, it was still nice to be nominated…

Although it has to be said I was absolutely gob smack by the analytics that the competition released. I was quite gutted to find out that I didn’t make the top 20 in my category from thousands of images, not even hundreds but 90 (and 8 of them where mine, a photographer can enter multiple entries). 

Even the most popular category only had 800 entries, I guess this goes to show that the photographic competition is as oversaturated as photography itself and because there are so many of them, mostly they become of no value. 

Obviously this is no dis on the British photography awards or the winners, I was genuinely thrilled to be nominated. It’s just that the joy has been tarnished a little.

Sad times.

On another note though I recently rediscovered some old work when I was trawling the hard drives to put some images together for a pitch. Its funny how you can completely forget about pictures you have made, loved at that time but somehow they never managed to stay in the forefront of your mind. 

I am even considering putting them back on my website. The images here must be circa 2015 and all shot for YOU Magazine.

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