Crisps typology Project re-shoot

When I originally shot this project I was pretty happy with it, but something didn’t sit right with me. This was a classic case of using the wrong tools for the job. I had about 20 odd sheets of 5X4 B&W film left over from a previous project and wanted to shoot this project. Now, it wasn’t the film that was the problem, but my 5×4 camera. It is a Linhof tech IV which is a field camera and not really a studio camera. So I did the job and was pretty happy with it all but I hadn’t captured that feel that I was after. So I went back into the studio and reshot it all digitally and in this instance, digital was a much better medium to use. Below is a side by side comparison, originally to be shot B&W digitally but I ended up loving the colour instead. See below, click on images to enlarge.