Author / Tobi Jenkins

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  • New Studio!

    So at the start of May I moved to Thames Side Studios in North Greenwich. It is the UK’s largest artist studio complex with over 500 studios large and small. I have only really just finished moving everything over and will do my first real commercial shoot this Friday the 7th. Will keep you all…

  • Herne Clothing

    I was asked by Herne Clothing to shoot their new (and first) range of mens and women’s clothing for their worldwide release in early October. Here are a few examples of what we produced. These are detailed shots.  

  • Sophie Lis London Jewellery

    My Still life images for Sophie Lis London have been released. Seems there are a few jobs that I am waiting to post online but their release dates haven’t come around yet. Here are a couple of images from the series. Shot at my London Studio in Battersea.  

  • Crisps typology Project re-shoot

    When I originally shot this project I was pretty happy with it, but something didn’t sit right with me. This was a classic case of using the wrong tools for the job. I had about 20 odd sheets of 5X4 B&W film left over from a previous project and wanted to shoot this project. Now,…